Thursday, 13 August 2015

What i've been listening to...

Joanna Newsom
Sapokanikan (2015)
Joanna Newsom has a new album coming out this year so therefore this year is a special year and something magical is about to happen. And this lovely song.  It feels like it's been around forever doesn't it, like it's someone we knew once and have forgotten and we can listen to it and just say hello, i've missed you.   

Paul Revere & The Raiders
Revolution! (1967)
Paul Revere & The Raiders made wonderfully upbeat, catchy, discreetly intelligent garagey-pop music, every bit as good as The Monkees.  I've been listening to Revolution! a lot this week, and it keeps giving.  So much pop-smarts, personality, a dash of studio trickery, 1967 was golden, and if wasn't for that hilariously bad cover photo this album might've stood more chance of being taken seriously.  Oh, and 1968's Something Happening also has a rubbish cover, is more overtly psychedelic, and EVEN BETTER (despite what everyone says). 

John Howard
I Got My Lady (1975)
Gaaargh it's tooo catchy!!!  I bin singing this quietly to myself forever.  This is off the album Can You Hear Me OK?  Which is ace, obvs.  John Howard is a total champ.

Reg King
I'm all over Reg King's post-Action solo stuff at the moment.  Whatta dude.  Also, the Rolled Gold demos, from the scrapped last album by The Action, are unbelievably great and totally stand up on their own.  Reg had a very Small Faces-y mod-goes-white-soul voice and wrote brilliant songs that are perfect for that autumny dusky hour when you get your buzz on.  Looking For A Dream and his eponymous 1971 album are both brilliant.

Marie Laforet
Ivan, Boris et Moi (live 1969)

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