Sunday, 10 May 2015

What I've been listening to..

Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens (2015)

I've got total faith in Sufjan. Illinoise is one of the great albums of the last few decades and despite not loving his last couple of albums the guy's a wizard, we should just let him do his hocus. Carrie & Lowell is stripped down, meticulous and full of revelation. Pretty extraordinary. I keep going back to it.  

Blood Rushing by Josephine Foster (2012)

This is from the album Blood Rushing, which i just bought. Josephine Foster is just so fascinating. She reminds me of Eva Green a little, because she scares me. She has that same oddly alluring, shamanic intensity. The album is supposedly inspired by ancient Pueblo tribes, and here she seems to be inhabiting some kind of spirit alter-ego, Blushing. Gosh, so great.

Shallow Water by Electric Citizen (2014)

Witchy, mellotron-heavy Sabbath-y ROCK. This gem is from the album Sateen, which if you're into Fifty Foot Hose, Jefferson Airplane, Julian's Treatment, or contemporary stuff like Blood Ceremony and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, you should pick up, stat.

Nikkie Lane

Loving Nikki Lane this month! Both her albums (Walk of Shame and All or Nothin') have been on a continuous rotation on my cd walkman, with all their sassy, trailer-trashy, phil-spector-y charm. Yee-haw. 

Already There by Verve (1993)

Remember when Verve were great!? On occasion I go back to the Storm In Heaven-era stuff in all its methadone-shoegaze glory and reminisce. It's just so wide-eyed and oceanic. At school I had 'Already There' scrawled on the inside of my Humanities notebook, and I was. (You've been walking round like you're some kind of angel/hello, high, are you? yes. well, that explains it.)

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