Sunday, 18 January 2015

Matching Mole - O Caroline

Robert Wyatt, post-Soft Machine (Machine Molle in French...) wrote this with Dave Sinclair from Caravan - absolute legends the both of them.  We used to listen to this a lot in my mate's camper, which was knackered and permanently parked at the end of his road, and was the scene of more bonhomie and madcap experimentalism than a school night usually warranted. If the mood's just right though, if it's grey and drizzly out, and you're feeling a little nostalgic, then this song will rise through the years and the rainsoaked weeds and the taste of TUC biscuits, cigarettes, cornershop wine, chewing gum, and there you'll be, 16 years old, wishing you knew a girl named Caroline.

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