Friday, 16 January 2015

Why I Love James Rockford

On a quiet night like this I like to watch some Rockford Files.  Rockford's great.  His mid-70's golf-casual L.A-chic houndstooth blazers, wide-lapelled shirts and tan loafers combo is a powerful look which I believe only a man of his specific build (cirrhotic ex-jock at a roadside diner) can really pull off.  He's modest, honest and he lives in a trailer.  He's not sneakily endearing like Columbo, or intimidatingly sexy like Kojak, he's just a regular guy trying to get by without too much trouble - something we can all relate to in this goshdarned world.  In my favourite episode The Big Ripoff, Jim gets roughed up by some goon that looks like Roger Waters.  He gets beaten up in most episodes, which is always difficult to watch as you know how little he enjoys it.  Not that he can't defend himself, he's got some chops.  I'm watching The Big Ripoff tonight.  It's something you can watch over and over again and not feel too bad about.  I like the bit where he says he's working for the Avocado Growers of America.  I'm totally allergic to avocadoes guys.  

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