Thursday, 8 January 2015

My 10 favourite books i read in 2014...

My reading habits have changed a lot over the last ten years.  When i was 25 i mostly just read the Beats because i was a purist and didn't really believe in the novel.  I'm less of a purist these days, who's got the time?  Still love those Beats though, gosh.  If i could go back in time and hang out with my 25 year old we sure as shit wouldn't be discussing books.

(By the way, the first novel on this list is possibly the best book ever written, no kidding, and Tom Spanbauer is totally the greatest author on the earth right now, and i'll fight anyone that says otherwise.)

I Loved You More by Tom Spanbauer

'The glorious mystery of the man who touched me in a place 
that wasn't there before he touched it.'

Incandescence by Craig Nova

"The driver's got the Broadway heeby-jeebies...
he's held together with coffee and Tums, wine and aspirin."

Young Man With A Horn by Dorothy Baker

'They were crazy about each other, and crazy.  They were groggy tired, too, all the time, and the pulse-beat of either one of them would have been a thing to record and think about.'

The First Bad Man by Miranda July

'Clee thought her pink boxers covered her but they didn't.  If she was sitting cross-legged I could see the edge of her dark blond pubic hair and sometimes more.  One morning I saw a flash of labia, pink and hanging loose.  Not the tidy, concealed meat that I had been imagining.' 

Engine Summer by John Crowley

'The better you tell an old story, the more you are talking about right now.'

Park Avenue Tramp by Flora Fletcher

'she had a face he would remember, and he would see it in the darkness above his bed, tonight and possibly nights afterward, and a long time from now, between a beer and a bourbon, he would wonder suddenly if she were dead or alive and what the diagnosis had been.'

The Death of Sweet Mister by Daniel Woodrell

'"You wake up in this here world, my sweet li'l mister, you got to wake up tough.  You go out that front door tough of a mornin' and stay tough 'til lights out - have you learned that?"'

The Children of Dynmouth by William Trevor


The Vengeful Virgin by Gil Brewer

'She wasn't what you would call beautiful.  
She was just a red-haired girl with a lot of sock.'

In The Beginning Was The Sea by Tomas Gonzalez

'Sometimes, particularly when drinking, J. felt as though he might explode with joy.  Lights, sensations, visions and insights coursed through him like fen-fire.  His belly warmed by this feeling, he went on sitting there for a long time, drinking and pushing deeper into the night.'

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